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The Whitelist Web App Viewer

Great for situation where you have the device browsers disabled or otherwise blocked, but want to allow very restricted list of one or a couple of web sites.

This app allows you to set up a list of one or more websites that will be allowed. The list is password protected. If user taps a link to a site not on the list a message shows saying. "That site is not on your list."

Great for:

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(note this app is not designed to block or disable any other apps or device settings. Search for 'kiosk app' or 'app blocker' if you need something like that. Squirrel Point app could be used in conjunction with such apps. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.)

Setup Directions

Swipe in from the left of the screen to access the menu.

Setup Password: The default password is admin. Use admin as the old password. Don't loose your password there is no way to reset it!

Edit Whitelist: Enter the sites you want to allow. On the home page sites are shown in short like "amazon.com" but in the edit page you should write them in full like "https://www.amazon.com" for everything to work correctly.